Campaign over fireworks use

Campaigner Julie Doorne, from Oasby.
Campaigner Julie Doorne, from Oasby.

A horse owner and riding club manager from near Sleaford is calling for support in her campaign to regulate the use of fireworks.

Julie Doorne, from Oasby, heads the 19,000-strong campaign group Firework Abatement or FAB for short.

One of the group’s aim is to raise awareness of a petition – instigated by Julie – calling for the Government to restrict the use of fireworks to reduce stress and fear in animals and pets, ahead of its impending deadline of April 2.

As the petition now has more than 100,000 signatures, it may be debated in Parliament.

Julie felt she needed to launch this petition in light of two incidents. The first was when a friend’s horse reacted in fear to domestic fireworks and suffered injuries that led to its death. The second was when an unexpected display led to Julie’s own horse running in panic.

With current legislation the public do not have to give prior notice of domestic firework displays, prompting Julie’s action.

Julie said: “We are asking for a reduction in days in which domestic fireworks can be used so people will know when to expect fireworks and are able to prepare for them.”

She added: “I am very grateful to everyone who has backed the petition and helped it to gain the support it now has.”

The campaign has been supported by the RSPCA.

A spokesman for the animal charity said: “The RSPCA have long campaigned for changes to the regulations regarding fireworks, as they are aware of the stress they can cause to some animals. The RSPCA received hundreds of calls relating to fireworks in October and November last year alone.”

The campaign group has also found support away from animal-lovers. People affected by various behavioural or medical conditions have also been in touch with the support group.

The group says, for instance, parents of autistic children have said their children are unable to cope with the random and unexpected nature of the bangs and become agitated and distressed.

Another group to have made contact, it says, are families of ex-service men and women suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.

As well as signing the petition, FAB is also asking people to write to their MPs and raise their concerns on the impact fireworks have on themselves or their families.

It is also asking for the public to send in statements of when fireworks have caused them problems to firework

To sign the petition, visit