Christmas Day delivery at home for new baby Jax

Mum Jess Jeffries with new baby Jax and partner Shaun Robinson. EMN-181231-092534001
Mum Jess Jeffries with new baby Jax and partner Shaun Robinson. EMN-181231-092534001

Little Jax Arthur Jeffries of Sleaford, was the first baby to arrive on Christmas Day in Lincolnshire.

Weighing 7lb 8oz he was delivered at 12.01am at home by his grandma and auntie when his family had no time to get mum Jess to hospital.

Stay at home mum Jess Jeffries, 28, of Maltkiln Close, said she had been in the early stages of labour for about a week but was advised not to go into hospital yet, having due on December 19.

She said: “I had been having contractions all day Christmas Eve but they intensified in the evening. My eldest sister Hannah had come for Christmas and my mum, Sarah, was staying too but didn’t arrive until late evening about 10.30pm.

“I had a bad contraction and fell to the floor at about 11.15pm and felt my waters break. I was more worried about my nine year old son Oscar who was upstairs while this was happening.

“My mum rang the midwife and tried to get me to the car but I couldn’t move.”

Sarah ended up delivering Jax on the living room floor in front of the Christmas tree guided by a midwife and 999 adviser over the phone. An ambulance crew eventually arrived and Jess’s partner Shaun Robinson, 39, arrived in time to cut the baby’s cord before they were taken to hospital as Jess had lost some blood, but was home again by 6pm.

Jess said: “I was just in a zone and didn’t really think I just did what I needed to with the support of everyone around me. Everything happens for a reason and I’m really pleased it went this way though a little scary.

She laughed: “We joked about it happening on Christmas Day, I guess we jinxed it too! It’s such a big day already, I didn’t think it could get any bigger or better! Jax’s big brother was amazing and saw little brother minutes after he was born, looking proud as punch.”