Katie Wilson - battling to lead a normal lifestyle

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Katie Wilson has been nominated for the Overcoming Adversity Award.

At the age of 11, Katie suffered from a cholesteatoma in her ear, leading to mastoiditus, meningitis and finally a juvenile stroke.

It was an extremely difficult period and left her suffering from severe memory loss, partial deafness, dyscalculia, along with various learning disabilities and just to top it all off alopecia.

When she finally returned to St George’s Academy in Ruskington she was bullied and threatened so much the school transferred her to the Sleaford site, in the hope it would help her settle.

Katie is now 18, she is presently attending Lincoln University doing a Sports Development Degree with the aim of becoming a primary school teacher. She coaches at Sleaford Gymnastics Club and does work experience at Rauceby Primary School.

The years in between saw Katie attending the Cambridge Centre for Paediatric Neuropsychological Rehabilitation (CCPNR) receiving lots of positivity, dedication, and hard work.

It has been made more difficult for Katie by her illness and rehabilitation being invisible to others. Her parents were told the likelihood of her leading a normal life were slim, but she continues to overcome hurdles in her life.