More nominees for Sleafordian of the Year

Nadim Aziz EMN-180327-154153001
Nadim Aziz EMN-180327-154153001

Here we have three more or our nominees put forward for the Sleaford Town Awards Sleafordian of the Year.

Nadim Aziz-

Jane Peck. EMN-180327-154333001

Jane Peck. EMN-180327-154333001

Nadim Aziz has been a dedicated fund raiser in the town over a number of years.

Over his years as owner of India Garden restaurant he held many fund-raising dinners for numerous local and international charities. His new taxi venture is raising more for the Mayor’s Fund.

He is also an active force within the Sleaford Muslim community, regularly donating meals to homeless charity, The Junction and has welcomed school visits to learn about the faith, working tirelessly to help integrate the Muslim community within the town, liaising with the Town Council to make sure burials are done in the right way and is always most appreciative of the council’s efforts.

Jane Peck-

Thelma Smith. EMN-180327-154840001

Thelma Smith. EMN-180327-154840001

Jane Peck heads up and is the public face of Rainbow Stars - a local group that supports families with autistic children.

She is described as working tirelessly fundraising to keep the organisation going, such as the charity fun day held at the rugby club, organising events to help the families living with autistic childrenand arranging meetings with expert speakers on a range of topics relavant to families with children with additional needs.

They meet regularly at Darmon’s Funhouse.

She is also a parent governor at her son’s local special school and is battling to make sure the needs of children at the school are heard.

Thelma Smith-

Wheelchair-bound since being involved in a car accident, Thelma Smith runs Sleaford Laffletics Club.

The inclusive sports club is for children and young people with a wide range of disabilities and special educational needs.

Every Saturday morning Northgate Sports Hall is filled with excited youngsters with special needs looking forward to getting rid of some energy, and their parents looking forward to a chat with others.

There is much else to do within the week to organise the Saturday sessions.

There is a loyal band of helpers of all ages but Thelma is said to “run the show” and therefore it thought she deserves recognition.