Pet welfare at the heart of video parody

Recording a new video at Quarrington Vets EMN-160217-164049001
Recording a new video at Quarrington Vets EMN-160217-164049001

A Sleaford veterinary practice has come up with an unusual and innovative way to encourage people to have their pets neutered - they have produced a musical video.

Staff at Quarrington Veterinary Surgery were inspired after seeing a similar video produced by a vets practice in the United States.

Although amusing, the video also has a serious message - having pets neutered can help reduce the number of unwanted litters of kittens and puppies.

Susan Edwards, administrator at Quarrington Vets, explained: “The video is a parody and we were inspired to do it having watched an American vet, Renee Brocket, and her veterinary team do a similar project.

“I got in touch with Renee and spoke about us following her lead and doing something similar in the UK. She was thrilled that her video had reached ‘across the pond’ and we have been in contact since, sharing ideas.”

Susan added: “For our video parody, the lyrics were written by Sam Shand, RVN here at Quarrington Veterinary Surgery.”

The song in the video, which is entitled Let’s Get ‘Em Spayed, has been based on Marvin Gaye’s classic Let’s Get It On. To view the video go to

“Animal welfare organisations are bursting at the seams with stray cats and dogs,” said Susan.

“Some of these strays are never re-homed and are unnecessarily euthanized, which to the Quarrington team, is so sad.

“Through our video we are seeking to educate pet owners that, if they are not going to purposefully breed, to have their pets neutered.”