Police called to dogs in distress in hot car

The muzzled dog struggling to pant in the hot car. EMN-190207-151925001
The muzzled dog struggling to pant in the hot car. EMN-190207-151925001

A Facebook post has prompted outrage from animal lovers after police were called to two dogs left in a hot car with barely any ventilation for two hours in Sleaford on Monday.

Jade Alexandra Doherty and Kirsty MacPherson spotted the two Staffordshire bull terriers locked up in a black Chrysler at around midday outside where they worked in the town centre.

The vehicle had been left in a layby on Southgate with a disabled badge displayed.

Jade told the Standard: “They left their Staffies in the car for two hours and the car was set directly in the sun, so boiling hot.

“They had no water and also the windows were barely open. What little gap there was, was covered with wind deflectors which stopped any drafts.”

She said the poor dogs were suffering so much as temperatures soared and one had a muzzle on, preventing it from panting properly. One was laid in the footwell hardly moving.

Another passer-by reported her concerns to a traffic warden.

Jade called the police to come and deal with the issue and was advised by the police operator to take the deflectors off and used one to tip some water down into the car.

The owners came back at about 2pm, just before a police officer arrived. Jade took photos as evidence and Kirsty filmed the altercation that then erupted on her phone, as Jade said: “They were very rude and didn’t believe they had done a thing wrong to the poor dogs and had only been half an hour. Even the policeman said they were lucky as he would have broken the windows.

“One woman waved her stick at me and told me I was abusing her by saving her dogs.”

Jade said the group of three who got back into the car were seen again on Monday evening with dogs left in the car again.

She said: “I’ve spoken to police again.”

She hoped the RSPCA would also be involved .

A Lincolnshire Police spokesman confirmed they were called to a report of concern for two dogs alone inside a car. “Words of advice,” were given to the owners.