Sleaford Town Awards nominees - Victoria Lyon - Overcoming Adversity

Victoria Lyon. EMN-170227-173803001
Victoria Lyon. EMN-170227-173803001

Victoria Lyon was surprised and pleased to be nominated to be in the running for the Overcoming Adversity Award.

The Kesteven and Sleaford High School Year 10 pupil was involved in a road accident in November 2015 which left her in an induced coma for two months with a serious brain injury.

According to her nomination, Victoria has astounded medical staff with her recovery and her determination to return to her love of rowing, as before her accident Victoria was the National Indoor Rowing champion.

She returned to school in July, 2016 and has again astounded everyone by how she has managed to cope in the school setting despite the injury affecting her speech.

She is said to meet every new challenge “head on” and never considers it a possibility that she will be unable to achieve her goals and aspirations. She is an extremely positive person who always has a smile on her face. “Her courage is an inspiration to everyone she meets,” says the nomination.