Sleaford ‘UFO’ sighting gets people talking

THERE has been a big reaction to a story on the Sleaford Standard’s website about a possible UFO sighting in Sleaford, with 
an expert offering his opinions too.

Sheila Tebbutt, of North Parade, Sleaford, woke up at around 1.30am on Saturday, July 28 and from her bedroom window she saw what looked like two bright silver round shapes travelling across the sky.

She said the two strange objects were hovering around 50ft up, one slightly higher than then other, and after travelling across the sky they disappeared towards the railway bridge.

Mrs Tebbutt tried to wake her husband John to tell him what she had seen but he slept on through and when she told him in the morning, he didn’t believe her.

She said: “Surely someone else must have seen it? I just had a look out of the window looking for our cat and there it was.”

Nick Pope, who used to run the Government’s UFO project and is now acknowledged as a world expert in the field, said: “In my experience, most UFO sightings have conventional explanations and turn out to be misidentifications of aircraft lights, bright stars and planets, satellites, meteors and Chinese lanterns.

“Chinese lanterns cause numerous UFO sightings but tend to be orange, not silver.

“When stories about UFO sightings are reported in the media, it often encourages other witnesses to come forward and that might be the best hope of solving this mystery, if other people saw the same thing and can add further details.

“People often stay quiet about UFO sightings, as they’re afraid they’ll be ridiculed or disbelieved. They needn’t worry. Having investigated UFOs for the government I can say that UFO witnesses include police officers, military personnel and pilots. We also have numerous cases where sightings have been backed up by radar evidence.”

While so far no-one else has come forward to say that they too saw the silver objects, but people have commented on the Sleaford Standard Facebook page. Cath Haley suggested they might have been Chinese lanterns, and Holly Thompson said that some were spotted in Boston and Martin Green commented lanterns were spotted over Kirkby la Thorpe.

If anyone else did see the strange lights in the sky or has an explanation as to what they might have been, email