Toad patrol prepares for spring migration

Toads on the move EMN-150223-144237001
Toads on the move EMN-150223-144237001

With spring just around the corner, toads will soon be on the move again and a volunteer group set up in Sleaford last year will be working tirelessly to ensure their safety.

Each spring, toads leave their hibernating ground and head for their breeding ponds on White Cross Lane, off Mareham Lane. The White Cross Lane Toad Volunteer Group was set up 12 months ago to help the toads reach their breeding ponds safely and also return to the safety of their woodland after mating.

The group’s co-ordinating patroller, Fiona Cousland, said: “Last year our amazing volunteers aided over 3,000 toads to cross safely from their hibernating ground to their breeding ponds.

“On one evening alone, when the temperature rose and there had been a light rain shower, the migration peaked very quickly. Over 700 toads were assisted in their migration. Cars were stopped and the public were getting out of their cars and helping.”

She added: “This year will be a bit of a landmark for the site as we will be able to know more as to the impact our help is having. With more toads saved, it means there will be more tadpoles in the ecosystem and more food in the food chain for other creatures.”

The group will be meeting on Saturday at The Four Seasons Garden Centre at 10.30am. Anyone wishing to join the group or wanting more information is welcome to go along. or you can call 07876 707358.