Verge cuttings trial will be rolled out across the county next week

One of the grass verge cutting machines. EMN-180417-111122001
One of the grass verge cutting machines. EMN-180417-111122001

A project which could help generate electricity and heat for Lincolnshire and improve the appearance of the county’s verges begins a trail on Monday, April 23.

The grass verge cutter will start its first run from south of Coningsby, and will also operate in the Horncastle area.

The project presents a number of opportunities for both the county council and businesses whilst providing a sustainable solution to the disposal of verge cuttings.

The trial will remove verge cuttings using a specially designed machine and the cuttings will then be digested at an Anaerobic Digestion plant.

Eddy Poll, Executive Member for Commercial and Environmental Management at Lincolnshire County Council, said: “In addition to the potential to help generate sustainable heat and electricity, there are a number of advantages to removing the waste cuttings from verges.

“There would be potential for more frequent verge cutting and reduced costs, as well as more biodiverse road side verges which are more pleasant to look at.”

• Verge biomass is a waste product of the council’s verge cutting operation. It is currently left in situ and rots down.

The trial will run until the end of September with the grass verge harvester cutting on the roads in the Horncastle and Coningsby area.

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