VIDEO: Keeveon will find out on his seventh birthday if he’s got the all clear from cancer

He’s just like any other six-year-old. He’s bright, bouncy and occasionally naughty.

He’s always playing on his Xbox and is happy to give his mum Clair a loving hug - provided his friends aren’t looking.

Keeveon Commins-Holland with his friend Alice Dossett.

Keeveon Commins-Holland with his friend Alice Dossett.

He’s a massive Arsenal fan which can cause a few problems at home in Woodhall Spa as his dad Chris supports Manchester United.

But Keeveon Commins-Holland has a very special wish for his seventh birthday next month - he wants to be told he doesn’t have cancer any more.

Keeveon, a pupil at Kirkby on Bain Primary School, was diagnosed with Hodkins Lymphoma just over four months ago.

With the help of staff at the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham - and the support of family and school friends - Keeveon hopes to be given the all-clear next month.

Those school friends include Alice Dossett. She performed three special songs at school last week, including Keeveon’s favourite - Radioactive by Imagine Dragons - at a charity concert.

All the proceeds will go to Cancer Research, and The Red Cross, the school’s chosen charity for 2015.

It’s a heartwarming story - and hopefully one that has a happy ending.

Six-year-old Keeveon Commins-Holland was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma - a form of cancer - just over four months ago.

Since then, he’s undergone chemotherapy at the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham.

Next month, Keeveon, who lives in Woodhall Spa, returns to Nottingham and hopes to get good news from doctors.

The verdict is due in the same week as his seventh birthday.

Not surprisingly, Keeveon is keeping his fingers crossed for what he admits will be the best possible present - and the “biggest birthday party ever” afterwards.

So are his mum Clair and dad Chris, along with his two brothers and countless other family members and friends.

And you can add staff and pupils at Keeveon’s primary school in Kirkby in Bain to that list of well-wishers.

Mum Clair explained: “Keeveon has been through so much in the last few months.

“He’s been so brave. He never complains. He has never let it (cancer) get him down.

“He just gets on with life. He’s a really bright and bouncy lad - a typical six-year-old.

“He can be a handful sometimes, but that’s him.

“The doctors seem quite happy with the way he has responded to treatment. Now, it’s just a matter of fingers crossed.

“The waiting, not knowing, that’s the worst.

“We’re hoping for all clear but if they just say it hasn’t got any worse it would be brilliant.”

The family were happy to speak to the News to show anyone in a similar situation that there is hope.

They also want to thank staff at Queen’s, and Kirkby on Bain School, for their support.

In fact, it was teachers who first raised concerns about Keeveon’s health.

Clair said: “He wasn’t ill. We hadn’t noticed any thing but the teachers spotted some swelling on his neck.

“We rushed him straight to hospital in Boston but it was two months before we got the results.

“That was a horrible, horrible time.

“Queen’s have been brilliant and we can’t thank the school enough.”

Fellow pupil Alice Dossett (10) performed a concert last week, singing Keeveon’s favourite song Radioactive by Imagine Dragons.

The proceeds will go towards Queen’s and The Red Cross, the school’s chosen charity in 2015.

Alice said: “Keevon’s really nice and I just wanted to do something to help.

“ We all just want him to get better.”

As for Keeveon, the young Arsenal fan plays down suggestions he’s been brave.

He said : “I haven’t really been poorly. I’ve had one or two aches in my legs but nothing else.

“The worst thing is all my hair has fallen out but I hope will grow back!”