Planning committee rescheduled


North Kesteven District Council’s Lafford Planning Sub-committee scheduled to take place on Tuesday, May 26, has been postponed by one week to Tuesday, June 2, at 5pm.

An authority spokesman explained this will allow time following the District Council elections for all new members to complete the necessary training required to participate in planning meetings.

It will also give time for the Planning Committee chairman and vice-chairman – who are not appointed until the Annual Council Meeting on Thursday, May 21 – to fully acquaint themselves with the protocols, roles and responsibilities involved in conducting the meetings.

Because of limited capacity in the Sleaford Council Chamber and a desire to be fair to all parties, ticketing arrangements will be put in place for items anticipated to draw a high degree of public interest – these are housing applications for Bassingham and Navenby. This will ensure that as many people as possible are able to attend the discussions on each item.

A ticket hotline will be opened at 9am on Friday, May 22 and remain open until all of the tickets have been allocated. People interested in attending should call on 01529 308224. Leave your name, address, contact number and the item you wish to attend and you will be called back. The hotline remains open until all tickets are allocated, on a first come first served basis.

The agenda will be published on Friday at

First up at 5pm will be an application for the erection of 35 homes at Whites Lane, Bassingham. Admission by ticket only

People interested in the next item - a controversial application for 160 homes with associated landscaping, parking and infrastructure at Top Farm, Green Man Road, Navenby, which has seen dozens of objections from residents regarding overdevelopment of the village on a green field site, are advised that this item will not begin before 6.30pm. Admission by ticket only. Arrive by 6.20pm and you will be admitted once the previous item has concluded.

Anyone interested in the subsequent items are advised that these will not be discussed until 7.45pm at the earliest, so arrive for 7.40pm. No ticketing required for these.

They will include revisions to the turbine design and siting, consent and deemed permission for the Heckington Fen Wind Park, at Heckington Fen, near East Heckington.

This will be followed by the conversion of two existing shops to form one shop at 8 Grove Street, Great Hale, including alteration to shop front, formation of staff rest room, store and office on first floor and new footpath to the front.

Finally there will be the conversion of an outbuilding to an annexe at 16 Field Farm Lane, Metheringham.

The district council’s own application to create a temporary public car park and associated access off Grantham Road in Sleaford has be postponed to a later meeting.