Pokemon ‘lure’ party planned for Sleaford

Pokeman Go. EMN-160722-111323001
Pokeman Go. EMN-160722-111323001

The massive summer phenomenon that is Pokemon Go has already gripped Sleaford area gamers.

Enthusiasts of the collectable gaming toy which is the latest craze to become an app are invited to gather and meet fellow Sleaford players at a three-hour ‘Lure’ party this evening (Friday).

Pokemon fan Melody Shanahan-Kluth said it is already huge in Sleaford, saying: “I have a 350-plus person Facebook group called Sleaford Pokemon Go.

“The administrators from all over Lincolnshire, parts of Yorkshire and Manchester are talking to arrange various large meets for people to go and have a good time with Pokemon Go.

“There is a large meet scheduled for August 14 in Skegness and Sleaford groups are having a ‘Lure’ party outside the National Centre for Craft and Design from 5-8pm tonight (Friday).”

This is a meet up for all serious or casual players who want to hunt rare Pokemon, as the more people that turn up the rarer the Pokemon that appear.

Mrs Shanahan-Kluth explained: “There are five ‘Pokestops‘ in a line, Navigation Wharf, The Hub, The Sails Sculpture, the Mosaic and the swimming pool. These will all have ‘Lures’ on them hopefully. Lures attract more people and they supposedly attract rare Pokemon.”

Gamers will be able to discuss tactics with fellow players, or form new friends to go on ‘catching’ walks, and maybe even have a battle tournament.

Once the Pokemon monsters are collected, gamers can let their monsters battle each other via their phone apps in a cyber version of the old ‘Top Trumps’ cards game.

For more details visit the Facebook page.