Police appeal after two cats are shot

David Garner with Maisie. EMN-140923-131257001
David Garner with Maisie. EMN-140923-131257001

Two angry and upset families are appealing for information after a double cat shooting in Sleaford.

The latest attack was at the bottom of Russell Crescent where eight-month-old Ruby, belonging to Sarah Groves and Emma Callister, was shot last Monday with a .177 air rifle and had to be put to sleep due to the extent of her injuries.

Sarah said: “We saw her at 7.30am on Monday before we took our four-year-old daughter, Amelia, to school and then I came home at 1pm and found her behind a conifer in the back garden. I picked her up and she was lifeless and floppy.”

They were shocked to learn from the vet she had been shot in the shoulder. The pellet had ended up in her chest cavity, causing internal bleeding and with its proximity to her heart it was decided to let her go.

Sarah said: “We were just in tears and so angry. We are determined to find the person that has done this. We want them to speak to our daughter and tell her why he or she has shot her little baby. It has still not sunk in yet. The place will not be the same without her.”

The first attack was on the evening of Friday, September 5, when a .22 rimfire rifle is believed to have been used to shoot four-year-old cat Maisie, belonging to Susan and David Garner, in the leg, shattering the femur requiring it to be amputated.

Mrs Garner said Maisie went missing on the Friday and they searched Sleaford Wood, but she dragged herself home to Summerfield Drive on the Sunday and collapsed. An X-ray showed the bullet had just missed her spine.

Mrs Garner said: “My husband and I cried when I was told she had been shot and thought she would have to be put down. They need to be caught.”

Police say they are investigating a report of a man allegedly with a weapon sighted 
on Woodside playing 

Police are not presently linking the shootings.

Pc Martin Green appealed for help to prevent further incidents: “Shooting cats is illegal and if caught you would be prosecuted.”

Call police with information on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously 0800 555111.