Police appealed for help clearing fallen trees blocking roads after Friday night’s storms

Lincolnshire Police
Lincolnshire Police

Emergency services were inundated with calls related to the severe weather on Friday night and into Saturday morning.

High winds and torrential rain brought down numerous trees and on Facebook someone posted a photo of a wrecked trampoline wrapped around the roof of a house on Orchard Close in Great Hale.

According to Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Service they said on Saturday: “During last night’s storms - Fire and Rescue Control took 56 storm related incidents, 20 of these required our attendance

Lincolnshire Police control room said they were getting a number of reports of fallen trees and branches on roads across the county and they warned motorists to be mindful of the conditions when driving.

They said: “Between 7pm and 11.59pm we had 185 incidents, of which around 60 were road related. Between 6pm and 7pm there were 70, 30 being road related.”

They also appealed for anyone with appropriate training and equipment to help deal with fallen trees at locations across ther county including Great Hale, Fen Road in Little Hale and Station Road, Kyme Road and Littleworth Road in Heckington.