All but three seats on district council to be contested plus one to remain vacant as North Kesteven local election candidates announced

Elections will be held on May 2 in North Kesteven, for 23 District Council Wards and six town or parish council areas to elect new local councillors for the next four years.

With nominations for the local District and Parish Council Elections within North Kesteven now closed, the candidates for each area can be revealed.

In three parts of North Kesteven there are uncontested seats where there are only as many candidates as there are available seats meaning they will be elected unopposed.

These are Coun Ross Little for the Witham Ward in North Hykeham, Coun Susan Waring for Leasingham and Rauceby and Coun Gill Ogden in the two member ward of Billinghay, Martin and North Kyme where in an unusual turn up, no-one has come forward to stand for the second seat, meaning it will remain vacant until a by-election can be held later.
At a parish council level there are either the required number of candidates or an insufficient number to contest elections in all parish and town council wards apart from six. These are Bassingham; Brant Broughton and Stragglethorpe; the Castle Ward on Sleaford Town Council; Great Hale; Potterhanworth; and Scopwick and Kirkby Green.

On Sleaford Town Council there will need to be future by-elections or co-options to fill one remaining vacancy on the Quarrington ward where only seven candidates have stood for eight seats, while the same will need to happen in Navigation Ward where only two candidates stood for three seats.

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Don't forget North Kesteven District Council elections will be trialling voter ID requirements.

Don't forget North Kesteven District Council elections will be trialling voter ID requirements.

In those places where elections are taking place, Polling Stations will be open from 7am to 10am on May 2, with all electors voting in person required to take ID with them in order to cast their vote.

Every elector has been sent information about the Voter ID trial on their Poll Card, with more information available at

Anyone not yet registered to vote has until midnight on April 12 in order to register. This can be done easily and quickly at Applications for postal voting close at 5pm on April 15 and proxy vote applications close at 5pm on April 24.

Stepping down:

The candidate list shows that the following 11 District Councillors are not seeking re-election:

· Cllr Edward Herring & Cllr Ron Oxby (Washingborough & Heighington)

· Cllr Susanna Matthan (Billinghay, Martin & North Kyme)

· Cllr Keith Dolby (Sleaford Castle)

· Cllr Grenville Jackson (Sleaford Holdingham)

· Cllr Kate Cook (Osbournby)

· Cllr Cat Mills (Cliff Villages)

· Cllr Rob Kendrick (Metheringham)

· Cllr Mark Suffield and current council chairman Cllr Geoff Hazelwood (Sleaford Quarrington & Mareham)

· Cllr Wallace Lee (North Hykeham Memorial)

In numbers there are:

26 wards – 23 contested

43 seats – 39 contested

75 – candidates

34 – Local Conservatives

22 – Lincolnshire Independents

9 – designated as Independents

6 – Labour / Labour & Cooperative

3 – Liberal Democrats

1 – undesignated

Candidates for election to North Kesteven District Council are:

Ashby de la Launde & Cranwell: 2 Member Ward

· Jim Clarke, Lincolnshire Independents

· Steve Clegg, Independent

· Amanda Redsell, Local Conservatives

Bassingham & Brant Broughton: 2 Member Ward

· Mary Green, Lincolnshire Independents

· Sue Howe, Local Conservatives

· Chris Spray, Lincolnshire Independents

· Pat Woodman, Local Conservatives

Bracebridge Heath & Waddington East: 3 Member Ward

· Funmi Adeyemi, Labour & Cooperative Party

· Peter Burley, Local Conservatives

· Lindsey Cawrey, Local Conservatives

· Mike Gallagher, Local Conservatives

· John Kilcoyne, Lincolnshire Independents

· Jordan Moran, Lincolnshire Independents

Branston: 2 Member Ward

· Ray Cucksey, Local Conservatives

· Peter Lundgren, Lincolnshire Independents

· Denise Penistan, Local Conservatives

· Greg Tebb, Lincolnshire Independents

Cliff Villages: 2 Member Ward

· Lucille Hagues, Local Conservatives

· Kay Johnson, Lincolnshire Independents

· Marianne Overton, Lincolnshire Independents

Eagle, Swinderby & Witham St Hughs: 2 Member Ward

· Sally Appleby, Local Conservatives

· Charles Overton, Lincolnshire Independents

· Peter Rothwell, Local Conservatives

Heckington Rural: 2 Member Ward

· Stewart Ogden, Local Conservatives

· Michael Overton, Lincolnshire Independents

· Sally Tarry, Local Conservatives

Heighington & Washingborough: 3 Member Ward

· Ian Carrington, Local Conservatives

· Carola Goodwin, Local Conservatives

· Dean Harlow, Local Conservatives

· Glenn Tinsley, Lincolnshire Independents

Kirkby la Thorpe & South Kyme: 1 Member Ward

· Robert Greetham, Independent

· Mervyn Head, Lincolnshire Independents

Metheringham: 2 Member Ward

· Nick Byatt, Lincolnshire Independents

· Mike Clarke, Local Conservatives

· John Money, Local Conservatives

· Laura Pearson, Lincolnshire Independents

North Hykeham Forum: 1 Member Ward

· Kay Gilliland, Independent

· Paul Johnson, Local Conservatives

North Hykeham Memorial: 1 Member Ward

· Nikki Dillon, Lincolnshire Independents

· Gary Edwards, Local Conservatives

North Hykeham Mill: 2 Member Ward

· Susannah Barker-Milan, Local Conservatives

· Corinne Byron, Liberal Democrats

· Stephen Roe, Local Conservatives

North Hykeham Moor: 1 Member Ward

· George Tipler, Liberal Democrats

· Pam Whittaker, Local Conservatives

Osbournby: 1 Member Ward

· Andrew Hagues, Local Conservatives

· Russell Jackson, Lincolnshire Independents

Ruskington, 2 Member Ward

· Terry Boston, Local Conservatives

· Tracy Giannasi, Lincolnshire Independents

· Tom Head, Lincolnshire Independents

· Richard Wright, Local Conservatives

Skellingthorpe: 2 Member Ward

· Christopher Goldson, no party designation

· Jennifer Gordon, Local Conservatives

· Richard Johnston, Lincolnshire Independents

· Tony Richardson, Liberal Democrats

· Robert Walshaw, Independent

Sleaford Castle: 1 Member Ward

· Linda Edwards-Shea, Labour Party

· Steve Fields, Local Conservatives

· Cara Sandy, Lincolnshire Independents

Sleaford Holdingham: 1 Member Ward

· Ken Fernandes, Independent

· Linda Lowndes, Labour Party

· Robert Oates, Lincolnshire Independents

· Stephen Shanahan-Kluth, Local Conservatives

Sleaford Navigation: 1 Member Ward

· Dan Gray, Local Conservatives

· Tarek Hayat, Labour Party

· David Suiter, Independent

Sleaford Quarrington & Mareham: 3 Member Ward

· Bozena Allan, Independent

· Tim Conning, Local Conservatives

· Paul Edwards-Shea, Labour Party

· Mike Kent, Local Conservatives

· Melody Shanahan-Kluth, Local Conservatives

Sleaford Westholme: 1 Member Ward

· Anthony Brand, Independent

· Heather Lorimer, Independent

Waddington West: 1 Member Ward

· Matt Newman, Labour Party

· Lance Pennell, Local Conservatives

At Sleaford Town Council level, in Castle Ward its two seats will be contested by:

· Linda Edwards-Shea, Labour Party

· Tracy Jane Giannasi, no party designation

· Cara Jade Sandy, no party designation

Other wards where candidates have been elected unopposed:

Holdingham Ward:

Ken Fernandes, Independent

Robert Arthur Oates, Lincolnshire Independents

James david Thomas, Labour Party

Navigation Ward:

Tarek Hayat, Labour Party

David Suiter, Independent

Quarrington Ward:

Bozena Allan, Independent

Paul Andrew Edwards-Shea, Labour Party

John Robert Parry, Independent

Karen Lesley Pole, No party designation

Melody Shanahan-Kluth, Local Conservatives

Stephen Shanahan-Kluth, Local Conservatives

Adrian Snookes, Independent

Westholme Ward:

Anthony Brand, Independent

Heather Katherine Lorimer, Independent