Alun tops national ‘manliest man’ poll

Britain's Manliest Man - Flt Lt Alun Pepper. EMN-141218-154140001
Britain's Manliest Man - Flt Lt Alun Pepper. EMN-141218-154140001

An officer from RAF College Cranwell who survived testicular cancer has been voted ‘Britain’s Manliest Man’.

Flt Lt Alun Pepper, 43, a member of C Squadron officer cadets at the college, received more than 23,000 votes to triumph in the competition.

Run by men’s grooming brand Bluebeard’s Revenge, men’s cancer charity Orchid and the magazine Men’s Fitness, it aimed to promote testicular cancer awareness.

A testicular cancer survivor himself, Flt Lt Pepper entered the competition in support of its cause.

As a fast jet navigator who served most recently in Libya, he was diagnosed with the disease in 2006 but made a full recovery and returned to flying duties within two months, before a posting to Cranwell.

Flt Lt Pepper was selected from more than 1,000 other entries to gain a place in the final 50 which then switched to an online public vote.

Last week, he was crowned Britain’s Manliest Man, winning a one-year modelling contract, a year’s supply of grooming products and an appearance on the cover of Men’s Fitness, after taking more than double the votes of the second-placed man.

Fl Lt Pepper said an appearance on ITV’s This Morning show helped his chances, as did friends in the Red Arrows drumming up votes and several hundred cadets training under him.

He said: “It is quite humbling and really nice. It shows people appreciate what I am trying to achieve.”

He will also become an ambassador for Orchid helping to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of the disease, something which he is particularly keen on having discovered the importance of knowing the early signs of the illness.

He said: “I already work with the Male Cancer Awareness charity and am helping them raise £60,000 to build a hot air balloon in the shape of a giant pair of testicles.”

The flyer admits he has been targeted for a bit of banter since becoming ‘Britain’s Manliest Man’, but said: “It is all about awareness and to save at least one life means it will all be worthwhile. I have already received emails from people saying their girlfriends have taken them to the doctor to get checked as a result.”