Assistants wanted to count votes on election night

Counting assistants are needed.
Counting assistants are needed.

Residents itching to get involved with the election process without running for local or Parliamentary seats are invited to join North Kesteven District Council (NKDC) officers on May 7 and 8 as count assistants.

Some help will be needed at the Sheikh Hamad Sports Hall, RAF Cranwell, for the Parliamentary count from 10pm on Thursday May 7, and on Friday May 8 at 10am for the local elections.

Count assistants verify and count the votes cast in the district’s polling stations and postal votes. As an assistant, residents will get an insight into the democratic process once the polling stations close and the black boxes enter the hall alongside an opportunity to help shape local and national government — and meet new people while counting. Residents can take part alone, with family or come along with a friend.

It is a paid position and those interested can choose which date to work, but must be well rested for the Thursday count due to its overnight nature. Anyone over 16 can take part in the count provided they are eligible to work in the UK and not affiliated or related to a candidate.

Simply fill in the form online before February 14 and the council will be in touch by letter to confirm if you have been selected. Visit

With less than 100 days to go before the election, NKDC is also reminding residents to make sure they are registered to vote with up to date details on the Electoral Register. Do it online at