Bottlenecks are still being caused

Bottleneck - drivers struggle to squeeze between parked cars on London Road. EMN-150201-110152001
Bottleneck - drivers struggle to squeeze between parked cars on London Road. EMN-150201-110152001

A bid to deter drivers from causing bottlenecks leaving their cars parked on town streets seems to have only displaced the problem.

New yellow lines have been painted on Grantham Road and London Road in Sleaford to put off motorists abandoning vehicles all day to walk into town to the annoyance of residents and other drivers who find themselves obstructed.

There had been complaints about double parking near the cricket club on London Road narrowing the flow to one-way. This has now been stopped by the new lines but appears to have merely displaced the cars further down London Road creating a new bottleneck.

County Councillor for Sleaford Mark Allan said: “There was considerable complaint from the residents living on London Road between the junction of Grantham Road and the entry to Southfields about the car parking that was taking 

“This was causing road safety issues for the moving traffic and made exiting safely from driveways difficult as well. Yellow line restrictions were developed in consultation with the local residents to address these issues and these were introduced some weeks 

He said there had been discussion about introducing residents’ parking permits in some of the parking bays on London Road near to the flats and on Grantham Road opposite Spar. He said residents had reported some people were parking in these lay bys instead and he will be asking North Kesteven District Council to look at introducing controls in these areas that give some priority to the residents.

Coun Allan added: “The parking controls on London Road will be reviewed to see how they are working and can be extended if need be. It is unfortunate that it has become necessary to deal with parked cars by yellow lines and London Road is not the only problem point.

“Sleaford has a number of car parks that are reasonably priced for weekday parking and that are free at