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Parish council election news.
Parish council election news.

Tomorrow (Thursday), voters will go to their polling stations and choose who they want as MP for their constituency.

In Sleaford and North Hykeham, five politicians are in the battle to win your votes – standing for the Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats, UKIP and Lincolnshire Independents.

Liberal Democrat Matthew Holden

Liberal Democrat Matthew Holden

Parliamentary candidates have been announced, and here they explain what they stand for, how they would spend their term, and what they promise to do for you – their constituents:

Matthew Trevor James Holden – Liberal Democrats

By taking difficult decisions in Government, the Liberal Democrats have been able to deliver a fairer society.

Locally we have:

Steven Hopkins - UKIP.

Steven Hopkins - UKIP.

• Given 44,000 people an £800 tax cut.

• Pumped an extra £7,271,000 into local schools.

• Provided 3,700 primary school children with free school meals.

But the Liberal Democrats’ work in Government is not yet done; if I am elected as your Liberal Democrats MP we will continue to deliver fairness.

Marianne Overton - Lincolnshire Independents.

Marianne Overton - Lincolnshire Independents.

• We plan to cut income taxes by an additional £400 for 52,000 people in Sleaford and North Hykeham and take a further 1,500 people out of paying tax altogether

• We want to expand free child care by removing means testing

• We want to give young people aged 16-21 money off bus passes helping 6,900 young people.

By voting for me you will be supporting a local candidate who is campaigning for policies that will help ordinary voters in Sleaford and North Hykeham.

Labour's Dr Jason Pandya-Wood.

Labour's Dr Jason Pandya-Wood.

Steven Richard Hopkins - UK Independence Party

The Kings Fund is an independent think tank for the NHS.

It has calculated that the NHS needs a minimum of £8bn a year just to maintain its current level of services.

UKIP is the only party committed to pay that £8bn a year to the NHS without having to raise taxes or increase borrowing to do so.

How can we do this. It is so simple.

We leave the European Union and put the £8 billion a year saved into the NHS.

The Conservative's Party's Stephen Phillips.

The Conservative's Party's Stephen Phillips.

UKIP is the only party committed to pay that £8bn a year to the NHS without having to raise taxes or increase borrowing to do so.

Put it another way. Who should get our money, the Bureaucrats in Brussels or the NHS?

Only UKIP is committed to maintaining our defences.

With Russia flexing its military might now is not the time to compromise on defence.

Stop the redundancies.

Vote UKIP.

UKIP will abolish green subsidies and so reduce everybody’s energy bills.

Marianne Jane Overton - Lincolnshire Independents

I live and work in the heart of our area, serving as an elected councillor for over 20 years, always putting Lincolnshire first.

Too often our hard work is spoiled by too much funding and laws being aimed to help big cities, at our expense. London’s housing is over-priced, since anyone in the world can buy there. That needs to be controlled. But instead the government has created a national planning policy, damaging the ability of local councils to stand up for residents.

I am campaigning against the push for massive housing development, without infrastructure or services.

Roads and traffic, health, school transport, libraries, youth and care are worsening.

The privatisation by stealth of the health service leaves less profitable patient care fragmented and delayed.

We need the voices of our rural towns and villages to be clearly heard. Only an Independent MP rooted here can do that. In a new Parliament, an Independent with integrity will be more effective than a party backbencher tied into the party whip.

Dr Jason John Pandya-Wood – Labour

My wife and I have a young daughter and like many others, we worry about the rising costs of childcare and household bills and the impact this has on people struggling to make ends meet.

I meet young people who are struggling to find work or to get good quality training.

Those going to university face a mountain of debt.

To top it off, young people have seen vital youth services cut drastically.

We’ve also campaigned on the crisis in social care.

As a son and grandson, I get angry when I hear that social care budgets have been stripped away, forcing underpaid carers to rush from one home visit to the next.

My first pledge is to be a full-time MP, campaigning locally with residents on issues that matter to them most: all year round.

I will campaign to restore dignity in social care, protect and invest in our NHS, provide a jobs guarantee for every young person and address our cost of living crisis.

Stephen James Phillips – Conservative

I’m dedicated to ensuring that Lincolnshire has a loud voice in Westminster.

I believe that this country can only progress if our economy is strong.

We’ve made a lot of headway since the last election on tackling the problems left by the last Labour government, with the deficit now down by half, healthy economic growth, and two million new jobs in the private sector.

Without a prospering economy, there will be no money for our public services, so it’s vital that we finish what we’ve started.

I believe that our country should reward those who work hard and play by the rules with security for their families and a dignified retirement.

I’ve been proud to support my party in its plans to achieve these aims: capping welfare payments, taking the lowest-paid out of income tax, freezing fuel duty, backing small businesses, tackling immigration and ring-fencing the NHS budget.

I have long campaigned for a referendum on our EU membership, and this is guaranteed by a Conservative government.