Canvassers to visit the 14,000 who have not registered to vote


North Kesteven residents have been asked to respond to letters regarding changes to the Individual Electoral Register because under the new system individuals are required by law to register even if they do not intend to vote.

Most people who are registered to vote have been automatically transferred to the new register and therefore will not need to take any action but 14,000 people in North Kesteven have been invited to re-register.

Initial letters were sent out in August to residents who have not transferred to the new system and asked to provide some additional personal information and re-register on the new online system and reminder letters were sent again in September.

Any household which has still not registered will be visited by one of a team of council officials from October, which will cost the council additional money. The canvassers will be calling during the day, evenings and at weekends.

Registering online is simple and quick to do and not registering to vote could affect your credit rating. Just go to

Council officials will also be visiting households with new occupants to fill out a Household Enquiry Form which must be returned. This is to confirm who lives in each household.

Residents need to register on the new system are reminded that they can opt to have their personal details excluded from the open register. This will mean their details cannot be bought by individuals and commercial organisations. There is an opt out section on the form and if you are registering online you can click the checkbox.

For help and advice, visit or call 01529 414155.