Christmas Greetings from John Money

Chairman of NKDC, Coun John Money. EMN-161220-124926001
Chairman of NKDC, Coun John Money. EMN-161220-124926001

During the seven months since my election as chairman of North Kesteven District Council, I have been privileged to represent the council throughout the county, district and farther afield.

Along the way I have seen some wonderful examples of community endeavour and selfless service – not least among the record number of finalists and highly deserving winners of the NK Community Champion Awards in October.

I never cease to be struck by the depth of community spirit that forms such a solid foundation to life in our towns, villages, neighbourhoods, businesses, schools and homes.

Such a sense of serving others really comes to mind at Christmas when we all seek to look out for each other, to open our homes and our hearts and express our humanity through warmth and kindness.

Such expressions help to define who we are and the communities we make up – contributing to North Kesteven’s high ranking for levels of contentment, life satisfaction and a sense that life is worthwhile.

My thoughts turn to those who will be working quietly, tirelessly, and often voluntarily, behind the scenes, as much as in the public eye, to ensure that life ticks along over the festivities, as we would expect.

I have recently spent time with Royal Mail delivery teams thanking them for all they do and will myself spend a day with the district’s refuse team experiencing the work they do in support of my nominated charity St Barnabas Hospice Lincolnshire.

If you would like to support me call the chairman’s officer on 01529 414155.

For me, Christmas Day is a Holy Day, but babies need to be born, meals need to be provided, housing found for people in crisis, roads kept free of ice and medical support given. Our Armed Forces are deployed, police, fire and ambulance crews on duty and countless others on standby.

And so I thank everyone in our district who puts themselves out for the welfare of others and implore those who can, to do whatever they can to keep an eye out for neighbours and others in our communities who may be in need of a little help this Christmas time; whether it be in collecting groceries, clearing snow from paths or just a few minutes of conversation.

This Christmas whether it be as simple as a smile, a lift, a helping hand or a show of concern – let’s all do our bit to spread a bit of Christmas cheer and carry that consideration forward with us into 2017.