Committee to consider public’s comments on Local Plan

Planning news.
Planning news.

Feedback from the latest round of consultation on the further draft Local Plan, outlining housing, business and amenity development in the area for the next 25 years is to be considered by councillors.

The Central Lincolnshire Joint Strategic Planning Committee (CLJSPC) consulted on its proposals to co-ordinate where, when, how and to what extent growth takes place across North Kesteven, West Lindsey and the City of Lincoln up to 2036 in October and November last year.

Once adopted a Local Plan will help to plan for an increasing population and changes in lifestyle as well as ensure that roads, schools, shops and other facilities are provided for, while preserving other valued areas.

Responses to the round of consultation held last year include:

○ A mixed response to the growth target of 36,960, with broadly half of respondents thinking it should be higher and half wanting it to be lower

○ Support for the need for travel plans, improvements to the Lincoln-Gainsborough-Sheffield train service and improvements to rural roads

○ Suggestions of where new green wedges could be sited, including Metheringham and Dunston; Heighington and Canwick; Heighington, Washingborough and Branston; while others were objected to in the Witham Valley; between Waddington and Bracebridge Heath and around Hykeham Pits

○ Backing for the approach of using Sustainable Urban Extensions (SUEs)

○ Comments suggesting Market Rasen is well place to accommodate growth if any SUEs can’t be delivered

○ Suggestions that policy should provide greater certainty for large villages and that large villages near to Lincoln should accommodate more growth to support the city’s role

○ Specific land allocations in Bracebridge Heath, Heckington, Metheringham, Navenby, Ruskington, Skellingthorpe, Washingborough, Witham St Hughs and Billinghay received both support and objection, with additional site suggestions for Billinghay, Branston, Heighington, Heckington, Ruskington, Skellingthorpe, Waddington and Washingborough

○ A large response to sites suggested for gypsy and travellers, with several new constraints having been identified on some of the proposed locations. These are being taken on board, investigated further and any unsuitable sites will be removed from the next draft of the plan

Officers are now reviewing and updating the plan ahead of the final period of consultation in April.

The CLJSPC will consider the feedback at its meeting on Monday, January 18.

Coun Jeff Summers, chairman of the CLJSPC and Leader of West Lindsey District Council, said: “Since the closure of our second consultation for the new CLLP at the end of November, our officers have been working meticulously through the excellent range of comments received.

“We have been very impressed by the quality and number of submissions from across the three districts, West Lindsey, North Kesteven and Lincoln city.

“We have received very helpful feedback on the gypsy and traveller sites offered. New constraints have been identified on some sites which have been taken on board for further investigation. Any site presently identified and deemed unsuitable will be removed from the plan on January 18.

“All comments received following our second consultation can be viewed on the following website: .

“Numerous comments have been received which are summarised in a report going to the CLJSPC on January 18.

“Officers are currently reviewing and updating the plan ready for the third and final draft in April prior to submission to the Secretary of State.

“As chairman of the committee I thank everyone for their participation in the process.”

Responses to the 2015 consultation can be viewed online at

Once the next round of consultation has taken place, the plan will be examined in public in the summer.

If given approval, it could be adopted by the Central Lincolnshire Joint Strategic Planning Committee in December.