Conservatives defend their grip on power in North Kesteven District Council elections

Conservative councillors victorious in North Kesteven. EMN-150805-191001001
Conservative councillors victorious in North Kesteven. EMN-150805-191001001

Conservatives have maintained control of North Kesteven District Council in the local elections.

Having had 27 seats prior to election they strengthened their grip taking a majority of 28 seats.

The second largest grouping are the Lincolnshire Independents with eight followed by a handful of other independent members, completely shutting out all other political parties.

There were a few close calls including Metheringham ward where Conservative John Money got in by four votes ahead of Lincolnshire Independent Nick Byatt after two recounts.

Conservative Pat Woodman enjoyed her 12th successive victory since 1974.

However independent councillor for Billinghay, Martin and North Kyme, Michael Powell lost his seat after 20 years on the council to Lincolnshire Independent Susanna Matthan.

He said: “Over the last 20 years it has been a real honour and pleasure to work with officers at North Kesteven and I have had nothing but help from them. I will miss you but that’s the way politics is.”

In another upset Lincolnshire Independent Mark Allan lost his seat to Conservative Tim Conning.

Leader of the Conservatives Marion Brighton comfortably defended her Heighington and Washingborough seat, as did Lincolnshire Independent leader Marianne Overton in Cliff Villages ward.

Coun Brighton said she was very pleased to maintain their control to provide continuity in their plans for the district and regeneration of Sleaford, employment and business. “Consistency is very important,” she said.

Acting Returning Officer Ian Fytche paid tribute to the team of 500 people who have been working in the district for the general and local elections. He said: “It is probably the most complex set of elections we have had for 35 years having parliamentary, district, town and parish elections at once.”

He was grateful to the RAF for providing the sports hall for the count as well as all the polling station venues. “It all came together very well,” he said.

The results:

Cliff villages

Laura Conway LINCS IND 1623 WIN

Marianne Overton LINCS IND 2083 WIN

Christine Talbot CON 1165

North Hykeham Memorial

Nick Clarke CON 678

Wallace Lee IND 689 WIN

Leasingham and Rauceby

Jan Mathieson LINCS IND 535

Susan Waring CON 799 WIN

Sleaford Castle

Keith Dolby IND 678 WIN

Becky Dunbar-Beckford CON 451

Waddington West

Lance Pennell CON 736 WIN

Helena Pigott UKIP 475

North Hykeham Moor

John Bishop - Hykeham IND 450

Fabio Tartarini GREEN 270

Pam Whittaker CON 603 WIN

Sleaford Holdingham

Ken Fernandes IND 237

Grenville Jackson LINCS IND 513 WIN

Stephen Shanahan-Kluth CON 413

Sleaford Navigation

Eric Moss-Wright CON 408

David Suiter IND 714 WIN

North Hykeham Witham

Ross Little CON (unopp)

Eagle, Swinderby and Witham St Hughs

Sally Appleby CON (Unopp)

Barbara Wells IND (Unopp)


Terry Boston CON 1639 WIN

Alan Woodhead LINCS IND 1121

Richard Wright CON 1760 WIN


Kate Cook CON 948 WIN

Fay Cooper LINCS IND 442

Sleaford Westholme

Steve Fields LINCS IND 593 WIN

Heather Lorimer IND 196

Melody Shanahan-Kluth CON 311

Kirkby La Thorpe and South Kyme

Julia Harrison CON 838 WIN

Ann Mear LINCS IND 462

Heighington and Washingborough

Marion Brighton CON 2136 WIN

Ian Carrington CON 1683 WIN

Jim Draper UKIP 1147

Ron Oxby CON 2382 WIN

North Hykeham Forum

Kay Barrett - Hykeham Independents 658 WIN

Eddy Rigby CON 617


Ben Atkinson LIB DEM 166

James Estall UKIP 343

Shirley Flint IND 860 WIN

Chris Goldson IND 1181 WIN

Mike Thompson CON 682

Bracebridge Heath and Waddington East

Funmi Adeyemi LAB 966

Paul Basnett UKIP 821

Peter Burley CON 2105 WIN

Lindsey Cawrey CON 1960 WIN

Mike Gallagher CON 1979 WIN

Alex Macdonald UKIP 740

Peter Overton LINCS IND 558

Darren Parr UKIP 676

Tony Richardson LINCS DEM 452


North Hykeham Mill

Andrea Clarke CON 1478 WIN

Mike Clarke CON 1005

Jill Wilson LINCS IND 1013 WIN

Ashby de la Launde and Cranwell

Luke Mitchell IND 871

Sarah Pearse CON 1789 WIN

Geoffrey Whittle CON 1504 WIN


Ray Cucksey CON 1526 WIN

Joyce Frost CON 1043

Adrian Hollidge LINCS IND 1052

Peter Lundgren LINCS IND 1178 WIN

Heckington Rural

Rodger Doughty UKIP 1066

Stewart Ogden CON 1464 WIN

Liz Peto LINCS IND 798

Sally Tarry CON 1514

Bassingham and Brant Broughton

John Dilks UKIP 647

Sue Howe CON 1645 WIN

Jonathan Pessol LINCS IND 775

Pat Woodman CON 1592 WIN


Nick Byatt LINCS IND 1336

Rob Kendrick CON 1641 WIN

John Money CON 1340 WIN

Billlinghay, Martin and North Kyme

Robert Greetham IND 369

Susanna Mattham LINCS IND 713 WIN

Gill Ogden CON 1379 WIN

Michael Powell IND 587

John Sharman LAB 548

Sleaford Quarrington and Mareham

Mark Allan LINCS IND 1547

Tim Conning CON 1625 WIN

Geoffrey Hazelwood CON 1884 WIN

Adrian Snookes LINCS IND 1505

Mark Suffield LINCS IND 1585 WIN