Council approves overall increase to council tax in North Kesteven and sets date to elect new leader

NKDC offices, Sleaford.
NKDC offices, Sleaford.

An extraordinary meeting of North Kesteven District Council has been called for members to elect a new Leader.

The date was announced by chairman John Money at yesterdays (Thursday) council meeting when Coun Marion Brighton’s resignation as Leader after 16 years officially came into effect.

Coun Marion Brighton - stepping down. EMN-170703-131015001

Coun Marion Brighton - stepping down. EMN-170703-131015001

The extraordinary council meeting will be held at 5pm on Thursday March 30.

Coun Brighton will continue as a councillor but has stepped down from the demands of being Leader due to ill health.

After a number of tributes from fellow councillors, she thanked everyone for their kind words. She was given a standing ovation having said: “I have enjoyed my time in the council but my health will not let it continue. I have pulmonary fibrosis which is progressive and I have had to have oxygen supplies around the house.

“I will come as often as I can because I love this council and anything I can do to help in this area I will do so.”

Also at yesterday’s meeting Coun Brighton presented the recommendations of the executive board to approve the confirmed overall council tax levels after the last major authorities agreed their precepts and budgets for the year ahead.

The levl of council tax will vary between households throughout the district and depend on which band and in which town or parish the taxpayer lives.

For example a Band A property could range from £1,022.46 for a year in Asgarby and Howell to £1,101.86 in Metheringham and a Band H property in Howell would be £3,067.38 compared to £3,305.59 in Metheringham.

In the average council tax bracket of Band D it will be an average overall increase of 3.75 per cent or £58.35 a year, adding up to £1,615.57.

Within that figure, Lincolnshire County Council - the largest share - has increased its demand by 3.95 per cent (£44.55), Lincolnshire Police have gone up by £3.96 (1.97 per cent), NKDC has risen by 3.3 per cent (£4.95) and town/parish councils have gone up by an average of £4.91 (6.77 per cent).

The recorded vote saw 36 members approve the figures and one against - Coun David Suiter.