Council clamps down on ‘boy racers’ on old airfield

NKDC offices, Sleaford.
NKDC offices, Sleaford.

An order preventing cars from gathering at Metheringham Airfield and causing a nuisance will be put in place after being given the go-ahead by North Kesteven District Council.

The decision to invoke the Public Space Protection Order was taken after the council and Lincolnshire Police received complaints about anti-social behaviour by ‘boy racers’, including the site being used as a race track and drivers carrying out stunts, sometimes putting themselves and others at risk.

As many as 100 cars have been reported on the airfield at one time; in addition, there have been reports of off-road bikes using the area.

Now, the PSPO will prevent motor vehicle gatherings; speeding or racing; obstruction of the highway; stunts; causing risk or harm to people or property; and causing undue annoyance from amplified music.

Anyone found to be breaking the order faces a fine - which can be given out by council officers, police and PCSOs - or court action.