Council rejects proposal to cull litter bins in Sleaford

Council news
Council news

Town councillors have rejected proposals to consider a cull of litter bins.

The proposal was put forward by Councillors Anthony Brand and Bozena Allan in an effort to press ahead with a drive to smarten up the town’s image through the Pride in Sleaford programme.

In December the council agreed to continue its street sweeping and litter picking contract for town until 2020, but the two councillors point out that the town has 87 litter bins and 40 dog bins, many in need of renovation.

At the council meeting on Wednesday, they suggested a swift audit of usage identifying some for removal if rarely used to be refurbished and re-used elsewhere, while others currently overflowing could increase in size or be emptied more regularly. They suggested doing away with some dog bins, relabelling adjacent litter bins.

And they called for seating to be refurbished.

However councillors voted not to press ahead with the idea in its present form until further research had been done by other panels on the council.