Council take over of Sleaford street furniture

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The Town Council has taken over ownership of numerous items of Sleaford’s street furniture from North Kesteven District Council.

The green and cream-painted bollards, benches, bins, cycle racks, tree grilles and a tourist information board have officially transferred to the town council for the sum of £1, to satisfy accounting requirements.

The street furniture had mainly been installed as part of the Street Smart scheme instigated in the 1990s to regenerate the town street scene.

NKDC will retain the 10 finger post signs around the town, the dragon sculpture railings and the railings bordering Nags Head Passage. NKDC now only owns six bins on its own land.

NKDC will make a one off payment of £1,000 to the Town Council which now has responsibility for all maintenance and clerk Kevin Martin has engaged contractors to repaint the items, while council staff will continue to refurbish benches.