Curved new council houses are unveiled

The new curvy council homes in Ruskington.
The new curvy council homes in Ruskington.

After being the first local authority to build straw houses for council tenants, North Kesteven District Council has just completed another first - curvy houses!

On Monday, the council officially unveiled the innovative curved houses in Ruskington.

The new development of 13 properties in Northfield Road offers a mixed development of two bungalows and 11 houses, all for affordable rent. They were built on the site of a former sheltered housing scheme. The properties were designed by Chaplain Farrant and built by D. Brown Builders.

The properties are flexible, which allows them to be altered easily to meet the changing needs of the residents, such as changing the amount of bedrooms by sub-dividing rooms.

The £1.3 million development took just 10 months to build and the handover from the contractor to the district council took place on Monday.

The curvy homes were developed in consultation with tenants and built to ‘exceptionally high insulation standards’ to minimise tenant energy usage.

Coun Stewart Ogden, the council’s executive board member for housing, said: “The scheme was built without government funding and demonstrates North Kesteven’s commitment to building 500 new homes over the next 10 years.

“We have around 1,000 people in North Kesteven on the Housing Waiting List, therefore building such high-quality new affordable housing is a high priority for this council.”