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Sleaford town councillors are to seek expert advice to respond to a draft plan for development over the next 20 years.

Councillors at last Wednesday’s Applications Committee were concerned that too little funding would go towards new jobs and infrastructure such as roads, open spaces, education and health for Sleaford in the Draft Local Plan for Central Lincolnshire currently going out to consultation.

They particularly did not want to miss out on potential funding for major projects from developers as part of the new Community Infrastructure Levy. Members agreed that plans for large urban extensions to the south and west of the town were already advanced before the Local Plan had been completed and they were in danger of missing out.

An NKDC spokesman said: “While the level of developer contributions to be received through Section 106 arrangements alone are open to negotiation case by case, the CIL will be established for the whole of Central Lincolnshire, with an agreed tariff to be placed on developers according to the nature of their individual project starting from £20 per sqm per house.”

Despite the need to part-fund a new Lincoln bypass, he said other infrastructure projects, including Sleaford, would still benefit, as Section 106 funds will still be negotiated, such as providing affordable housing.

He said the Sleaford South Urban Extension (Handley Chase) which forms part of the new Local Plan already has planning permission and includes a package of new infrastructure negotiated, including contributions to off-site highway improvements and a new primary school.

He added: “Parishes or neighbourhoods are assured up to 15 per cent of CIL raised locally, rising to 25 per cent where there is a Neighbourhood Plan in place, ensuring that there is fair and equitable spread of infrastructure delivery support.”