Is your community flourishing in NK?

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North Kesteven District Council is running a consultation survey that will help to pinpoint areas of the community that are thriving, but also where the people and places of greatest need are so that the right support can be provided.

The Flourishing Scale is simple to complete and takes the form of two sets of ten statements.

The first set is based on the individuals’ view of themselves and the second is based on their views of their community – such as ‘I feel safe in my community’ and ‘In my community people appear to feel safe most of the time’.

Respondents score the statements between one and 10: the higher the number the greater the level of satisfaction.

Coun Richard Wright, Council Leader, said: “Our vision is ‘A District of Flourishing Communities’ and we want to gather thoughts and opinions on this so we can identify where communities are flourishing, but also where extra help is needed.

You can take part in the Flourishing Scale consultation online at www.n-keste before the deadline of Friday, April 27.