Landowners call for sky lantern ban on local council land


The Country Landowners and Business Association is appealing for councils in Lincolnshire to back its campaign to stop sky lanterns by banning their release from council-owned land and property.

Nottinghamshire, Norfolk and Warwickshire County Councils have recently implemented bans, joining Essex and Hampshire County Councils as those deciding to use sanctions as a way of raising awareness of the dangers.

CLA East Regional Surveyor Tim Woodward said: “Sky lanterns are no more than flying bonfires. They are serious fire hazards and also endanger the lives of grazing livestock as well as other wildlife, and create unnecessary litter. Those releasing lanterns have no idea of the hazard they pose, nor do they consider the implications of releasing a naked flame with absolutely no control over where it will land.”

He said a ban on council land would go a long way to reducing the danger to the public and wildlife in the county and raise awareness.