Leaders for NKDC and Town Council?

Coun Marion Brighton - Leader of NKDC. EMN-150529-141035001
Coun Marion Brighton - Leader of NKDC. EMN-150529-141035001

Conservative Councillor Marion Brighton has been re-elected as leader of North Kesteven District Council.

At the newly-elected council’s Thursday meeting she said there was more to do if everyone worked together.

Deputy leader is Coun Michael Gallagher and the rest of the Executive Board will be Couns Stewart Ogden, Richard Wright, Ray Cucksey and Lindsey Cawrey.

○ Sleaford Town Council is looking at bringing back having a leader of the council.

The role was scrapped in 2012 on advice that a leader could be open to liability when taking decisions alone. A recorded vote agreed to draw up a job description for a leader’s role, proposed at Wednesday’s annual meeting by Coun Mark Allan who said other councils operated a similar model to oversee day to day decisions are carried out. He said it could give continuity during discussions with North Kesteven District Council over future regeneration.