Market Place could finally get bus shelter

Buses EMN-150213-144129001
Buses EMN-150213-144129001

Councillors are reconsidering the possibility of locating a bus shelter for passengers waiting in Sleaford’s Market Place.

Several years ago, former district councillor Peter Haysum campaigned unsuccessfully to get a bus shelter for the busy stop.

Now a new proposition is before Sleaford Town Council at its meeting tonight (Wednesday).

Clerk to the council Kevin Martin explains in his report to members that he has received several requests from residents regarding the provision of a bus shelter at that location to provide cover from the rain.

Recognising that the site is owned by North Kesteven District Council he made an approach to them. Mr Martin says: “As a Town Council, we do have powers to provide, contribute to and maintain bus shelters under the Local Government Act 1953.

“The council already maintains five other bus shelters in Sleaford.”

He recommended councillors agree to offer to pay one third of the cost of a shelter, up to £1,500, to NKDC for a new shelter at the Market Place.

NKDC’s Economic Development Manager, Alan Gray had reported to NKDC’s Asset Management Group outlining that such shelters were normally provided by the parish council or county council, but in this instance it would not be possible to place a shelter on the pavement at the bus stop as it would be too narrow and so NKDC would have a role in this as it would need to be on their land, as they own the market place.

At the moment there are a few benches for waiting passengers.

Mr Gray writes that the county council does have a grant pot that can be bid for towards such a shelter, which could cost between £3,000-5,000.

Mr Gray says there is room to locate a medium sized shelter on NKDC land, adding: “In more general terms, there can be no doubt that the provision of some sort of shelter in this area would be a welcome additional facility for bus users.”

He also proposed that the cost be split three ways with help from a possible grant and that NKDC could agree to its future maintenance.