Monster Raving Loony Party standing in Sleaford by-election

Peter E. Hilll, AKA The Iconic Arty Pole of the Monster Raving Loony Party. EMN-161011-164403001
Peter E. Hilll, AKA The Iconic Arty Pole of the Monster Raving Loony Party. EMN-161011-164403001

The latest candidate to officially declare as standing for the Sleaford and North Hykeham by-election is Peter E Hill, otherwise known as The Iconic Arty Pole, of the Monster Raving Loony Party.

The news that the iconic alternative party made famous by Screaming Lord Sutch is entering the fray comes after a date for the by-election was announced as December 8, with candidate nominations to be in by Tuesday.

The seat has been vacated by the resignation of incumbent Tory MP Stephen Phillips who has held it since 2010.

Among Mr Hill’s more outlandish policies he wants to introduce the 99p coin and make unicorns a protected species to encourage to come out of hiding and start breeding again!

The 69-year-old widower, with two children, is a parish councillor from Great Carlton, near Louth, and stood for the Louth and Horncastle parliamentary seat at last year’s general election.

A former designer in the engineering industry, he became a researcher/writer, auction cataloguer and film extra, as well as running a smallholding.

He has also overcome a year long battle against bone cancer and said: “I would be quite happy to give up my job as a retired pensioner to be an MP. My last paid job was as an extra at Cadwell Park in Ron Howard’s film, Rush.”

Mr Hill voted to leave the EU, saying: “It is the sheer waste of money it takes to run.”

He would fight to bring ambulance service control back into Lincolnshire instead of the current East Midlands organisation and insists on all new commercial buildings having solar panels on their roofs.

Mr Hill wants to re-evaluate positioning of new social and affordable housing needs and allocate a proportionate percentage to each populated area on brownfield sites wherever possible, to encourage integration.

He added: “With Lincolnshire being a farming county we need to stop the importation of cheap food, which affects our balance of payments, then introduce fixed ‘farm gate’ prices to enable our farmers to plan future food production. The cost of this to be offset against the cost of the imports.”

On transport he is for scrapping HS2 and spend the £73billion price tag on existing infrastructure improvements.

He is also against a devolved Greater Lincolnshire with an elected mayor.

He calls for non-British criminals to be sent back to their country of origin, wants to stop the NHS and public services being sold off and the closure of council information points.

He wants to improve broadband internet coverage in the county and vows to keep a careful eye on six sites earmarked for new and further development in the constituency under a new minerals and waste plan.

So far Mark Suffield has announced he is standing as an Independent (for more on this click here) and Jim Clarke has been selected to represent the Labour Party (click here).