More lights for next year?

Local news.
Local news.

Sleaford Town Council is to look again at its spending on festive illuminations for the future

There have been comments on social media that not enough was done to improve the lights from previous years - especially in the Market Place around the trees. Coun Grenville Jackson, chairman of the council’s General Purposes Committee which budgets for the lights each year, said a review of the Christmas festivities will be on the next agenda, adding: “We will then make a recommendation to the full council.”

He explained: “This is the last year of a three-year contract. Following complaints two years ago we agreed last year to add the lights in the Market Place trees and pay extra. Apart from the failure of the extra lights over the Christmas/New Year we had few complaints.

“We decided this year, with tight budget restrictions, to go with the same as last year and look again in the new year, following the expiration of the contract, to how we can improve the lights. The council will have to discuss whether we purchase or rent, look at all quotations we receive from a variety of different contractors to hire and look at costs to buy. Whatever happens it is likely that next year’s lights will be different. If we spend more we will be accused of being profligate with tax payers’ money and if we spend less we will be accused of not caring what the town looks like.”