New Year message by NKDC Leader

Leader of North Kesteven District Council. EMN-171221-172859001
Leader of North Kesteven District Council. EMN-171221-172859001

New Year message by Coun Richard Wright, Leader of North Kesteven District Council

Looking ahead to 2018 it is with optimism for ongoing inward investment coming to the district in support of the continued success of our communities.

I feel we are in a really strong position moving forward. Just last week, Greater Lincolnshire was chosen as one of ten pilot areas approved for a Business Rates Retention Scheme, which means around £600,000 will be invested back into North Kesteven in 2018/19.

Further to this, the council itself is investing record sums in housing and jobs growth initiatives, community projects and service enhancements, and working in partnership to fulfil in countless other areas.

Building on a solid foundation of shrewd financial planning which has enabled continued growth and avoided the need for sudden service cuts here, the council moves forward with plans for a funded and achievably-ambitious vision for enhancing life in a district widely recognised for its safety, satisfaction and success.

We will build on our priority actions in support of a vibrant economy, strong and resilient communities, quality homes and a value-for-money responsive council with a clear emphasis to impact positively on the environment.

In all that we do, we seek to be responsive and responsible and I thank residents and businesses for their invaluable insight in evolving the NK Plan which sets the scene for our strategy.

Our two towns are well-placed to prosper and progress in the year ahead, with long-held aspirations for Sleaford especially appearing to align themselves towards unlocking potential and possibilities; something we all look forward to.

The year ahead is already marked out for the opening of the International Bomber Command Centre within our district, of which we are justly proud.

This has the potential to bring thousands of people to further appreciate our area.

Furthermore, 2018 sees the centenary of the RAF.

As a council we are already planning to enhance our annual celebration of the contribution of the Armed Forces.

Still in my first year as Leader of this great council, I appreciate all the positive support I’ve had from businesses and residents and look forward to getting out and meeting more in the 
new year.

With that I wish you well for the year ahead.