NKDC could lift boy racer ban on wartime airfield

Metheringham airfield. EMN-190625-104450001
Metheringham airfield. EMN-190625-104450001

An order placed on the roads and runways around an old wartime airfield to deter anti-social behaviour by ‘boy racers’ looks set to be lifted.

In October 2016, North Kesteven District Council formally implemented a Public Space Protection Order at Metheringham Airfield, banning anti-social gatherings of cars, racing, inconsiderate driving, illegal use of the highway and no revving of engines, giving powers to police and council officers to move such groups on after complaints by neighbours.

Metheringham airfield. EMN-190625-104525001

Metheringham airfield. EMN-190625-104525001

A PSPO is a power to deal with a particular nuisance or problem in a particular area, by imposing conditions on its use.

Officers say a significant amount of work has been done by landowners in the area, designing out opportunities for vehicles and people gathering and causing a nuisance.

Since the implementation of the PSPO the number of complaints are said to have reduced significantly from local residents, to North Kesteven District Council and Lincolnshire police. Since March 2018, the anti-social behaviour team have not received a single complaint of issues at this location. The police carry out routine patrols and have not identified any breaches.

With the designing-out work it is believed that there is no longer a need for the PSPO and so NKDC’s executive board will meet tomorrow (Thursday) to decide whether or not to renew the PSPO when it expires in October.

In the event that Lincolnshire Police have reports of any further issues of vehicle nuisance, this can be dealt with through existing legislation and powers that they have available.

If the executive agrees with the officer recommendation, it will be referred to full council for approval.

Lincolnshire Police are said to be in agreement that the current order should not be extended.