Nomination time for local and general elections

Ballot box.
Ballot box.

Nominations open on Monday, March 23 for anyone wanting to stand for election to North Kesteven District Council or any of the parishes within the district.

Alongside the General Election on Thursday, May 7, elections are also scheduled to take place to select all 43 members of the District Council and entire parish and town councils across North Kesteven.

Elections will only be contested where more people stand for election in a parish or ward than there are number of seats available.

So long as you are aged 18 or over; a British, Irish or Commonwealth citizen; and either live, work, own land or are registered to vote in the area; you could qualify as a candidate in these local elections.

There is a detailed process involved and specific requirements, which the NK Elections Team will run through on 01529 308238.

Nominations can be made between Monday, March 23 and Thursday April 9 at 4pm.

The papers must be hand-delivered by the person seeking nomination to:

NKDC’s Sleaford offices on any working day, between March 23 and April 9, 10am to 4pm;

Metheringham’s InfoLinks, March 23 to 25, 10am to 4pm;

North Hykeham Town Council offices, March 26 to 28, 10am to 4pm.

It is preferable to make an asppointment by calling on 01529 308024 or email

A list of everyone nominated will be published on the NKDC website at at 5pm on Friday, April 10.

Nominations for people wanting to stand for the parliamentary election must be made between Wednesday April 1 and 4pm on Thursday, April 9; with the list being published online at 5pm, followed by local notification on noticeboards.

Only people who are registered to vote can take part in the ballots. Deadline for registration is 5pm on Monday, April 20 and so if you have moved in recent months it s especially important to ensure you have registered.

Deadline for new postal vote applications and changes to existing postal and proxy arrangements is 5pm on Tuesday, April 21.

Deadline for new proxy applications is 5pm on Tuesday, April 28.

Where proxy is required on grounds of medical emergency or being called away on active service or for work, deadline is 5pm on Thursday, May 7.

Polling cards will be issued advising you of your local polling station and which elections are taking place. Polling will be between 7am and 10pm.

For voter registration go to :

For local arrangements see: