North Kesteven District Councillors to vote on allowance increase

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Councillors at North Kesteven District Council are set to vote on Thursday for an increase in their allowances by £100 from £4,900 to £5,000.

In addition, those with special responsibilities will also get a two per cent rise, which will mean, for instance, the council leader, currently Coun Richard Wright, can claim an extra £366 a year (£18,566 total), while the deputy leader, Coun Sue Howe, will be able to claim an extra £360 (£13,675).

A report by the Independent Renumeration Panel says the increase ensures “members do not fall behind other authorities” and that it “is sufficient to attract and retain new and young members to the council”.

The report concludes that the NKDC basic allowance is above average but said it should “not be allowed to fall behind others.”

Members who attract two sets of special responsibility allowances can already gain the full amount of the highest allowance and 75 per cent of their second responsibility and councillors are asked to keep that as is.

Councillors will also vote to leave dependent carer’s allowances and travel and subsistence allowances at the same level.