North Kesteven residents reminded to make sure they update electoral register to vote


Although elections have been held in May and June, North Kesteven District Council is reminding residents they must still fill in annual voter registration forms to make sur they can still vote in future.

Making sure your details are correct on the district’s electoral register is vital if you are to vote in any future local or national elections.

Every year the council sends you a form with members of your household listed, for you to check and let them know if these are correct or not. This process is called the annual canvass.

This year it will start at the end of July where all properties will receive a Household Enquiry Form to check the details held on the register are correct or to enable you to add new electors.

This is not a registration form, but you do need to complete it. The information you provide will enable NKDC to send a separate individual registration form to all the people in your household who are eligible and need to register. Those who are eligible can also register online at

Registering to vote is required by law, enables you to have your say in local and national matters and helps with credit applications such as loans and mortgages.

Residents are being encouraged to complete their form as soon as they receive it. Not only does this take away the worry of having to remember to do it, but it ultimately saves the taxpayer money with fewer reminders needing to be sent out.

Ian Fytche, Chief Executive of NKDC, said: “We have seen in the last year how quickly elections can be called so it’s important people return the forms to us as soon as possible.

“It takes only a few minutes to check the forms and reply so I urge everyone to do so as soon as they receive it.”

For more information, call 01529 414155.