Promotional video misses the mark for town

The Lincolnshire Flag
The Lincolnshire Flag
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A slickly produced video promoting all that is good about the county has just been unveiled with the aim of ‘showing people what makes Lincolnshire the perfect place to live, work, visit, and invest’.

But as we look to celebrate Lincolnshire Day this Saturday, much of the video - which cost Lincolnshire County Council £4,750 to produce - concentrates on Lincoln.

The Lincolnshire Flag

The Lincolnshire Flag

Places such as Boston, Horncastle, Spalding, Louth, Skegness, Sleaford and Spilsby don’t get a mention. Mablethorpe gets a small snapshot with an opening scene of sandcastles on the beach.

In the 1.42 minute video, produced by Lincoln-based Epix Media, there is no sign of Heckington’s eight-sailed mill, Boston’s famous Stump, or Skegness’s Jolly Fisherman. In fact, many of our pretty towns and villages seem to have been missed out, while Lincoln appears six times. Other places that feature briefly are Stamford, Caistor, Bassingham, the Wolds and Grantham.

The county council says the video has been designed ‘to give people a flavour of Lincolnshire’s enviable lifestyle, highlighting its good schools, reasonably-priced housing, beautiful landscapes and more’.

A statement read: “It will be used primarily to encourage people to come and work in the county, and will be made available to local employers who wish to incorporate it within their own promotional and recruitment campaigns. It will also help in marketing the county to potential investors and tourists.”

Leader of the county council Martin Hill said: “It’s not unusual to meet people from outside the county who know nothing about us, which can be a real issue when you’re trying to recruit people to come and work here. So we decided to create this short video as a way of giving people a quick and memorable taste of our county. In the coming months, we’ll be sharing the clip with as many as people as possible to spread the word about all Lincolnshire has to offer residents, visitors and investors.”

He added: “What we have tried to do is give an overall flavour of what people will find when they come to Lincolnshire. The county has a lot to offer, and we’d have needed a feature-length film to get it all in. But if you try to tell people everything at once, they simply switch off. It’s far better to give them something short that grabs their attention. Once you’ve done that, that’s when you can start to tell them the full Lincolnshire story.”