Pupils take part in ‘Live Earth’


Pupils from primary schools across Sleaford have been taking part in a competition called Live Earth to raise awareness of the causes, effects and management of global climate change.

Year five pupils have been writing letters to the Leader of the Council, Coun Richard Wright, and the local MP, Dr Caroline Johnson, raising their concerns for the planet and asking them to do all they can to ensure the world is a good place for all people, including their family and future family, to live in.

There were 79 entries,, with six being shortlisted from each of the four schools.

The pupils will read their letters raising their concerns about climate change, suggesting solutions and asking for action to be taken, to Coun Wright on Tuesday, April 17.

Council Leader, Coun Richard Wright commented: “Young people are our future and it is important that their voices are heard – especially where climate control and our planet is concerned.

“The district council takes it’s responsibilities for climate change, carbon emissions and sustainability seriously and if we can instil this through younger generations, we can all work towards a better future together.

“I look forward to hearing the concerns and equally the suggestions from the pupils who have taken part”.

‘Live Earth’ is an initiative put together by Global Sleaford with the support of the district council, Christian Aid and Sleaford Renewable Energy Plant.