Sleaford MP wants GP admin burden reduced

The Conservative's Party's Stephen Phillips.
The Conservative's Party's Stephen Phillips.

Sleaford and North Hykeham MP Stephen Phillips today pressed the government to do more to reduce the burden of administration on GPs.

He raised the issue in the House of Commons after concerns were brought to him by a constituent that GPs are spending too much time on inputting data and consequently less time with their patients.

During today’s health questions, Mr Phillips said: “I am told by a GP in my constituency that so much time is spent collecting data and inputting them into the computer that there is a loss of focus on the patient, with a possible detriment to patient care.

“Will my right honourable friend undertake to look into that and to come to the House in due course to say what can be done to ensure that, during every GP consultation, the focus is always on the patient and not on the computer?”

Health Minister Alistair Burt replied: “Notwithstanding the importance of recording information collected during a consultation, my honourable and learned friend’s constituent is absolutely right that it should not get in the way of the relationship between doctor and patient.

“We have already removed some of the administrative burdens by cutting a third of the quality and outcome framework indicators that need to be recorded, but plainly more needs to be done.”

Commenting afterwards, Mr Phillips added: “I am glad that the new minister is taking this problem seriously, and that some of the administrative burden that GPs face has already been removed. I look forward to more progress on this important matter in the near future.”