South Kesteven District Council to set up another company - to cut grass

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South Kesteven District Council is set to start up another private company, this time to cut grass in the region.

Senior councillors on the authority are expected to approve plans to start up Environment SK, which will manage grounds maintenance.

The company provides the service for council owned parks, gardens and the authority’s housing across the district.

The district authority already has its eyes on three other private sector initiatives called Invest SK, Deliver SK and Discover SK.

Around £490,000 was already set aside in the council’s budget to cover the costs of the new firm.

The council said that £450,000 will be spent on new vehicles and equipment, while £40,000 has been set aside for a new site to base the firm.

Senior councillors and authority officers would sit on the board of Environment SK, under the plans.

This new venture would not trim the authority’s finances, according to council leader, Matthew Lee.

Instead, he said it would grow the council’s finances.

He said previously that because it would be a private company the district would be able to generate an income by selling the service itself.

“It’s not about lowering the cost of spend on it. It’s about delivering the service and then being able to trade-off it as well,” he said.

“Parish councils could hire the service as well as other neighbouring authorities. That in turn will help the council’s financial situation as well.”

Currently, the council’s ground maintenance is contracted out in the region of £1 million to Glendale Grounds Management Limited.

But, the agreement with the company expires in February 2019.

Now, the council’s cabinet have been recommended to approve plans to bring the service back under council control.

Senior councillors will discuss the plan at a meeting on October 4.