Thousands of trees to be planted in Lincolnshire

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Thousands of trees are to be planted across Lincolnshire in the coming weeks, including a number in the Sleaford area.

The trees, almost 22,000 in total, are being supplied by Lincolnshire County Council through its Hedge and Small Woodland Grant scheme.

The initiative aims to address a dramatic decline in the number of Britain’s hedgerows over the past 70 years.

Areas set to benefit include Heckington, North Kyme, and Metheringham.

Coun Colin Davie, executive member for the environment, said: “These 22,000 new trees will reinvigorate local natural habitats and create new outdoor spaces for people to enjoy.”

The scheme is open to anyone who owns or manages land within the county, with the exception of domestic gardens and planting required through the planning process. Once an application is made, the council’s Environmental Services Team will work with applicants to make sure tree species selected are carefully matched to local conditions.

For guidance, contact the Environmental Management team on 01522 552349 or visit