Town council to hold a poll on Link Road

The route of the link road past the Maltings and Tesco sites and across the recreation ground. EMN-140910-101432001
The route of the link road past the Maltings and Tesco sites and across the recreation ground. EMN-140910-101432001

Sleaford Town Council is proposing to hold its own poll on whether the proposed link road across the Recreation Ground should go ahead.

The Town Council has been served with a Compulsory Purchase Order notice by North Kesteven District Council for the strip of land at the western edge of the rec’ for the Link Road and an associated Side Road Order (from Lincolnshire Country Council) to support the permanent closure of Southgate level crossing.

Coun Keith Dolby, chairman of the Town Council, said: “Following the decision by NKDC in June 2014 to proceed with a compulsory purchase order to acquire land for the new road and bridge, Sleaford Town Council on August 13, resolved, in the first instance, to object to such an order in principle. There has been nothing in the intervening period to encourage or persuade the Town Council to change from this position. Accordingly, detailed objections that have been developed over the past weeks will be presented for approval to the Full Council at the earliest possible meeting on October 22.”

The Town Council will explain its position to residents of Sleaford over the coming weeks and months culminating in a town-wide poll. Coun Dolby said: “The residents of Sleaford should be afforded the opportunity to agree or not to the CPO that would lead to the loss of part of the Recreation Ground and the closely linked Side Order that will require the closure of the Southgate Level Crossing. Although Sleaford Town Council has severe reservations regarding the current proposal, it wishes to emphasise that in general it remains fully behind any plans to regenerate Sleaford and support its growth into a vibrant and successful town.”

The news prompted comments on our Facebook page. Fiona Bauchop Cousland said: “The private shop owners are finding it very tough now. It is a sacrilege that Boston Road Rec is to be devasted, It has been a safe play area for children and meeting place.”

Peter Jackson countered: “This bit of land is not being used and Tescos will give more than is taken. It’s about bringing regeneration to a town that seems to be stuck in the past. It will hopefully provide jobs and sort the awful traffic problems out.”