Town council to survey residents on Neighbourhood Plan

Planning news.
Planning news.

Sleaford Town Council has started working on the development of a Neighbourhood Plan for Sleaford.

The plan would outline the council and public’s broad views on how Sleaford should develop, eventually being agreed upon by a referendum of residents before becoming a legally binding document which planners must take note of when considering future projects.

This is still in it’s early stages and as part of this work, representatives from Sleaford Town Council will be undertaking a short survey at a number of locations in the town centre.

This will begin on Saturday, March 19, and continue over the following week.

Members of the public will be given the opportunity to identify which factors are most important to them, and additionally to voice any other particular concerns they may have with regard to the future development of Sleaford.

The council hopes that as many people as possible will be able to find a few minutes to complete a short questionnaire, as they see it as crucial that people have their say in the future of the town.

As the plan develops, the people of Sleaford will be able to engage in a statutory public Ccnsultation over a period of six weeks and it is seen as hugely important that as many people as possible make their opinions known through this process.

Sleaford Town Council will periodically be providing updates on the progress of the Neighbourhood Plan for Sleaford, particularly as each landmark point is reached.