Two South Kesteven District Council members returned unopposed as deadlines for local election voters loom

Two wards uncontested in South Kesteven elections.
Two wards uncontested in South Kesteven elections.

Two wards in the South Kesteven District Council elections will be uncontested when voters go to the polls on Thursday May 2.

The number of nominated candidates did not exceed the number of seats in the Aveland and Dole Wood wards.

Residents of Aslackby and Laughton, Dowsby, Dunsby, Haconby and Stainfield, Rippingale, Braceborough and Wilsthorpe, and Thurlby will not be voting as neither district or parish elections are contested.

The deadline is approaching to apply for a proxy vote. Application forms can be downloaded at

Proxy vote applications cannot be submitted online and must be signed and returned to the Electoral Registration Officer, South Kesteven District Council, Council Offices, St Peter's Hill,

Grantham NG31 6PZ and be received by 5pm on Wednesday April 24.

Signed copies can also be sent by email to

More information is available from SKDC’s elections team on 01476 406080 or by emailing