UKIP open campaign office in Sleaford ahead of visit by newly elected leader Paul Nuttall

Victoria Ayling launches her party's new campaign office in Millstream Square with MEP Stuart Agnew. EMN-160112-125227001
Victoria Ayling launches her party's new campaign office in Millstream Square with MEP Stuart Agnew. EMN-160112-125227001

As UKIP supporters in Sleaford and North Hykeham prepare for a visit by their newly elected leader, Paul Nuttall, tomorrow evening (Saturday) they have unveiled their campaign office in Sleaford.

UKIP candidate in the upcoming by-election, Victoria Ayling and her team have launched her UKIP Campaign Office in Millstream Square in Sleaford.

Supported by Stuart Agnew UKIP MEP for the East of England and David Kurten of the Welsh Assembly, Ms Ayling called for Brexit to mean Brexit stating: “Staying in the Single Market and leaving the EU are incompatible, it’s one or the other.

“We can trade with the Single Market without being members. If we stay in it we would be leaving the EU in name only. With 5.8million EU jobs outside the UK dependent on trade with the UK and German industrialists warning Merkel that they want tariff free trade with the UK we are in a strong bargaining position. Being members of the single market would mean we cannot control our borders, pay in billions in membership costs

and be tied by all the red tape.”

Reminding those present that 62 per cent of the Sleaford and North Hykeham constituency had voted ‘Leave’ in June Ms Ayling went on: “If you want the result of the Referendum to count you need a genuine Brexit MP. Not one pretending to be for Brexit who will support the Single Market, which many Tory MPs are wanting. UKIP is only true Brexit Party and I promise to deliver what the people voted for.”

On other issues the UKIP candidate pledged to act on the state of rural transport, the level of policing and the state of the roads. Pointing out her credentials as a Lincolnshire County Councillor she said: “I know why transport and policing are bad, and that is due to funding. The cause of this bad funding can be laid squarely at the door of this Conservative Government and their refusal to take into consideration Lincolnshire’s needs. We have Conservative MP’s, council administrations and Police and Crime Commissioner and yet they have achieved nothing. “It is time to send Downing Street a message that the People of Lincolnshire and Sleaford and North Hykeham in particular will not be ignored and want change.”

She explained how she could deliver that change by highlighting her experience as a county councillor and by reassuring people that: “I would be a full time MP, not a double jobber like the last one or his party’s replacement who wants to do the same. I believe that Sleaford and Hykeham deserve somebody who is prepared to put in the hours to represent them properly rather than going to Westminster to become voting fodder for Teresa May.”